The Versatile Blogger Award

I’m getting involved in WordPress guys!! I had no clue that awards or things like this exist so I’m going to be honest I don’t know what to do. I was going to copy and paste the article that nominated me (because I thought that that’s the protocol) but my computer didn’t allow me so I decided to just try come up with something!

I would love to thank Shreya Vohra (PhoenixWithAPen) who is honestly one of the first people that I have connected with on this website and is one of the few people that I feel like I can call my blogging friend! In all honesty I don’t know how this works. I have been on WordPress for a year but I have never really been deeply involved. As I’m starting to see this blog as something more than I can just rubbish to and hope someone reads it and enjoys it like I do, I can’t wait to have the opportunity to get more involved in things like this!

I think the purpose of this award is to show your readers other blogs that they may not have noticed or heard of previously. This seems like such a good thing for writers like myself who are still learning the ropes and trying to find their feet in the blogging universe! I’m so happy that I get to share this opportunity with other writers like myself and hopefully we can begin to grow our own communities! Shreya posted that this award is for bloggers who share interesting and quality content but most importantly love what they do!


  • You must thank the person who has nominated you!
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers for this award and inform them
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Put the logo ofVersatile Blogger in your post and display the rules also

Facts About Yours Truly

This has been an idea of mine for a while but I’m planning on making a video so that I can share some facts about me so my readers can connect to me more! I have been so careful to try keep any details of myself a secret purely based on the worry that people I know may find my blog. When I started it, I was planning on it just being a secret place to share my thought. But I’ve been realising that those who make fun of me for this can go trot on because this is what I love to do! I will be posting the video once I can get my camera working and record it so stay tuned!


Just a little shoutout everyone should go check out Shreya’s blog because she is an amazing person and one of the best bloggers I have seen on WordPress so everyone should go check out her blog. Now I know I haven’t really chatted with most of you on this list but I enjoy your blogs and you deserve the compliment haha! Here we go (and in no particular order):

  1. Beauty With Alice
  2. The Return of the Modern Philosopher (First person I actually spoke to on here! Great guy :D)
  3. Luna
  4. Noctis Scriptor
  5. The Shining Gem
  6. Tea and Tales
  7. BeautyBeyondBones
  8. Smudges
  9. Boy With a Hat
  10. Food to Glow
  11. Crank and Cog

And there you have it! So if any of you do this please comment down below so I can go check it out!

Stay awesome!

The Versatile Blogger Award

So amazing to be nominated x

Phoenix With A Pen

First and foremost, I would like to thank Yuvi for considering me worthy enough of this award! (What is your full name dear? I would love to know you better too!) Thank you ❤️
When I started this blog, I was sure that I will be strictly professional and will never post any blog award post (if I ever get one that is). But after being nominated for my first one, I think I can make an exception for just this one time!
This initiative is very supportive and encouraging for writers like us.
The Versatile Blogger Award features bloggers who love what they do and post interesting and quality content.

Rules for the nominations:
• Thank the person who nominated you.
• Nominate up to 15 bloggers for this award and inform them.
• Share seven facts about yourself.
• Put the logo of Versatile Blogger in your post…

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I am Posh Spice

I have come to a conclusion. I am literally the most boring person ever. I have no personality at all. I am that person that people would say “oh yeah she’s…nice”. The fallback compliment or personality description. Nice.

Khloe Kardshian.gif

It’s as though there is no depth to me. I am not overly smart, I am not funny or outgoing. In a group of friends I’m the one that they let tag along because they feel sorry for me and I’ve been there for too long that it’d feel awkward for them to ask me to leave. So they just go and organise events without me.

Best Friend.gif

There’s nothing much to say about myself either. I recently got asked at a job interview to explain myself and I froze. Then said “I go to uni and play basketball. That’s about it”. I haven’t played basketball in a year and to be honest I have lost interest in it. But it is the only sport I have done throughout my life. When I thought about it afterwards the only things I really do include reading, watching movies, working and seeing my boyfriend. Isn’t that sad? And it’s not as though I’m one of those people who read or watch movies excessively and knows everything and is a die hard fan. I watch or read them once or twice and get over it.

How Boring.gif

I have the personality of an extra. Seriously. If a movie about my life were to be made it would literally be the life of an extra just lurking in the background having no personality what-so-ever. I mean I guess it’s not bad in some situations. I’ll never fight with someone over being the leader of a group. And I’ll never try to be funnier or wittier then someone else. But I guess it also means I have an unappealing personality. Probably not but in my opinion I feel like that’s pretty accurate. I feel like I want a life full of spontaneous adventures, with myself becoming an amazingly interesting, funny person but I have the personality of an anxious turtle.


But everybody needs a person with 0 personality in their life! Think about the Spice Girls. Who even is Posh Spice? What is her own quirky personality trait or individual appearance like the others? She just wears plain, but very high end, clothing. Sporty Spice is the active outgoing one, Ginger is flamboyant and fiery with her distinctive red hair, Baby Spice is the adorable innocent one and Scary Spice is the individual outrageous one. What even is Posh? Posh is all of us who go through different phases trying to work out who we are and what makes us special. Remember that Emo Phase you went through, the time when your hair was almost as dead as your emotions? You were channelling the Posh Spice. Gave yourself dreadlocks and used natural waterfalls and rain as an excuse not to shower during your hippie phase? You can bet you were a bloody Posh Spice.

Posh Spice.gif

I mean, good old Vic did end up becoming a fashion icon and marrying one of the sexiest men alive so she found herself. If you’re one of the lucky ones who know who you are and you’re comfortable with your personality then that is awesome! But for those who are like myself and are still wondering if their will ever be anything interesting about you, don’t worry we’ll get there one day! Soon you might find a sport that you are the absolute best at. You might work out that you might not be great at telling jokes or being witty but you can tell the most amazing stories. But until then don’t stop trying to find out what makes you special because trust me, there’s something there!


Surgery Woes

I’m back lovelies! With only a slight part of me missing!

I have had appendicitis and got my appendix removed and I am now out of hospital slowly recovering (I got told 6 weeks of no intense lifting or exercise….now I have a real excuse for not going to the gym or running in general).


God I was in so much pain! I couldn’t sleep properly, I hadn’t eaten in two days which ended up turning into four because they kept pushing my surgery date back, Eventually I was just sick of being sick. I wanted to be able to get out of bed, I was sick of crappy daytime TV (even though I became addicted to Days of Our Lives) and all I wanted to do was go back to doing things.


And now I’m free!!!!!


This was just a little update to let you guys know what’s going on and I just wanted to say that I have a lot in the works. From YouTube videos to a bunch of blog post ideas, I’m ready to come out swinging this second half of the year! So hopefully we can gather some momentum and I can begin making some blogging friends and family!

I’ll leave my little update here and hopefully you guys stick with me!

Stay gold xx

Stuck in a Rut

It’s a feeling that I’m sure everybody has experienced.

Feeling alone, useless and as though you’re basically wasting your life away?

That’s how I feel right now. I sleep in until 9 – 10am and then I open my laptop and binge watch a show on Netflix (currently it’s Orange is the New Black). By the time I start to cramp up it’s 1:30 and I decide I should probably get up and go get something to eat. I’m not hungry because I’m doing nothing so I’ll have a bickie and some water then relocate to the couch. I’ll watch the show’s I taped the night before (Bob’s Burgers and The Simpson’s) and then I toss up whether or not I can be bothered to have a shower. I bathe, brush my teeth and then go right back to sitting on the couch. It hits the end of the work day and I go back into my room because my family are coming home. We are not speaking for a few reasons (nothing to do with this routine) and I go back to writing or watching Netflix. University is on a semester break and I am unemployed (and not due to a lack of trying).

I do nothing with my life. I see all these people on Facebook having fun adventures like holidays to America or going out partying at nights and I clutch onto my phone waiting for my boyfriend to text me whenever he can whilst he works. And this is the cycle my week goes through until the weekend where I go hang out with my boyfriend and then return home right back into the cycle.

I don’t have friends, as sad as this sounds. With high school ending it’s not as though I am trapped with these people that I have to see everyday and form friendships with. It’s the point in our lives where making an effort is too much. I’ve tried to connect with the friends I’ve had but something always seems to come up. Once I stop messaging them first, I get no messages.

I would love to be going out with friends and actually talking to people but it’s hard and I feel like I’m stuck in the past whilst everyone is moving on ahead of me. I made a couple of friends at uni, you know, people you sit next to and make small talk with but would never hang out with outside of class. I guess none of us couple really break that barrier. When I moved interstate I had to put myself out there and I made quite a few friends. But homesickness got the best of me and I moved back before any of them were really solid. So now, I am basically alone.

I would love to work but for some reason I keep getting rejected. I’ve rewritten and rewritten my resume, I’ve applied at as many different places as possible and I’ve broadened my spectrum of employment from just retail to as many places as possible (even a fish packing place). But no-one wants to hire me. I guess my lack of experience is a factor. I’ve never had a proper job before and a lot of places require previous experience (I still apply though – it’s worth a shot!) or certain certificates that I wouldn’t even complete in time let alone have the money to undertake. My parents are no longer paying for me so I have to ration what I spend and now I can barely use my car with petrol taking a substantial amount of my money.

Every time I go to bed I sit there and think about another day I have wasted. People my age have died without living and yet here I am wasting each day that has been given to me. Do I really want to look back at my year of being 18 and think “well that was an absolute waste. You achieved nothing”? I loved to blog and I was even thinking of expanding to YouTube and meeting more people but I’ve had no motivation. It’s like everything that I want to do has stopped and everybody else is moving forward and I’m so worried I’m going to be left behind.

I just don’t know what to do.

I’m sorry for this depressing post but I had no other way to express this. And I thought it was a pretty relatable thing. I need some advice as well and what a great place to get some – the Internet! So if you feel like I do right now drop your stories down in the comments section. If not, but you have some tips and tricks also leave those down below! Any other messages you want to leave me, feel free to drop them down in the comments as well. Hopefully now that I’ve started blogging again I can get back into it. I really did love the feeling when I’d see people read what I wrote and when they left a comment or a like I was ecstatic!

Hope you have a great day and follow this blog! xx

Public Transport Drinking Game

Hello my lovely readers! Recently I have been frequenting public transport and I’ve noticed a trend of people. You get a certain type of person that you see all the time whilst using public transport. It gave me an idea – a public transport drinking game!


But then I realised that it’s illegal to drink in public where I live. So I decided for those places like my own where you can’t drink in public or if you’re underage, change it to bingo! Have a competition with your mates on a trip just to get some entertainment. Here’s how it works:

I’ve sorted the types of people from most common to those rare or occasional people that you’ll see at certain events. To make it relatable think human Pokemon: I’ve sorted them into your rattatas and pidgeys to the Mewtos. Then depending on the category an amount of alcohol that you have to consume has been allocated. If you’re playing the Bingo version just write down the different people in a 3×3 table and then cross them off as you go – standard Bingo rules!


Drink a Mouthful of your Chosen Drink:

  • When you see a person asleep
  • Sit next to someone playing music so loud that you can hear it *BONUS POINT: IF YOU CAN SING THE SONG AND/OR NAME THE ARTIST OR TITLE*
  • Hear a person talking obnoxiously loud on a phone (the level is to be decided by the group
  • Teenage boy with a dirty moustache (think peach fuzz)

Drink a Mouthful of Spirits:

  • If a person is drunk and disorderly
  • A person is blocking a seat with a bag *BONUS POINTS: PER SEAT THAT THEY BLOCK*
  • An elderly person with a trolley (as picture below):
  • A person wearing socks and sandals *BONUS POINTS: IF IT’S THE ELDERLY PERSON WITH A TROLLEY*
  • If their is a piece of visible rubbish in the mode of transport *BONUS POINTS: PER PIECE OF RUBBISH MOUTHFUL OF YOUR CHOSEN DRINK*
  • For every minute you’re late take a mouthful
  • A person has their feet on the seats
  • Every time another train, tram or bus toots

Finish Your Chosen Drink:

  • If you pass a “landmark” or famous building of the city (to be decided by the group)
  • A religious person is spotted (e.g. a monk, nun etc.) *BONUS POINTS: IF THE RELIGIOUS PERSON IS OF YOUR FAITH HAVE A MOUTHFUL OF SPIRITS*
  • If you stop at a station that starts with the first letter of your first name *BONUS POINTS: FINISH THE REST OF THE GROUPS DRINK IF THE FINAL DESTINATION STARTS WITH THE SAME LETTER*
  • If a person is wearing the merchandise of a sporting team, celebrity etc. *BONUS POINTS: IF A PLAYER GOES FOR THE SAME TEAM OR IT’S THEIR FAVOURITE CELEBRITY THEN THEY MUST HAVE A MOUTHFUL OF SPIRITS*

And there you go! I mean if you wanted to get really drunk just play that you have to take a mouthful every time you see someone from a different race or speaking a different language. In a country as multicultural as Australia that will get you sh!t faced very fast. A game to have fun, get drunk and challenge your mates. If you have anything you want to add to the list or if you give it a go, let me know! Maybe there’s some livestream that watches the public on public transport that I don’t know about so you can play the game at home!

Sh!t Lads Say

Hello everyone! I am writing to you now with experience from the clubbing scene and the university scene and I have noticed something. You know those stereotypical lads? Those young adults who wear V-Neck tops and spray tan darker then most teenage girls. Think Geordie Shore.

GazGaz here to demonstrate the look.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not what all the guys do. Just majority. So whilst I have been out and about and interacted with these guys I have composed a list of crap that they do almost all the time.

1. Instead of dancing properly they just fist pump

The classic fist pump – the moves for girls and guys alike that cannot dance well at all. I am guilty of this move as I have no coordination or rhythm at all but this just seems to be the major go to move for guys like this. Combine it with the vigorous body shaking and spinning around in circles causing mayhem and broken toes for the girls with opened toe shoes and you’ve got the best dance move that will welcome you to this group of guys. I have seen it happen many times before. You join in on the “oi oi oi”‘s that they get chanting whilst waiting for the bass to drop, get your fist in the air and you are one of them. You have passed the initiation phase.

White People Moves.gif

2. If fist pumping is not available the point and shake is the next move of choice

If the person cannot even manage the rhythm or find the space to fist pump then the next move will be the point. Pointing towards the DJ, towards the pretty group of girls dancing together, pointing to the bar, pointing to their mates, pointing to a wall; nothing if safe from the point. I guess it’s supposed to get everyone hyped up and by pointing it will magically bring them to the dance floor like a dancing wand. They’ll generally then gyrate their whole body to the music trying to make up for the point showing that they’re here for a good time and ladies, they can dance.

John Travolta.gif

3. They punch their hand during every sentence

Maybe it’s an excited thing like when people talk to fast and they develop the momentary stutter because their brain can’t keep up to their mouth. Maybe it’s their way of emphasising how cool their point is. No matter what the answer the fist to the open palm whilst talking is a classic. It’s not even an intimidation thing but they’ll couple it with an arms wide open and a “cheeky” grin and you can talk like “one of the lads”.

*Sadly I couldn’t find a GIF of this because I couldn’t describe it properly HOWEVER I’ll just include another Geordie Shore reference


4. Runners are always the trend

Runners are always the peak of fashion. But only those Nike runners or other name brand shoes. Who needs those classic going out shoes when you can bring back junners (jeans and runners) and look trendy? It’s generally with skinny jeans and the runners encase the ankles of the person giving the freshest look out.


There is probably heaps more I could write about but I feel I can sign off here. Who knows? I might do a part two! I guess I did kind of lie about clubbing and uni being my only sources for this as it is pretty obvious the TV show “Geordie Shore” was a big resource. I absolutely love that show and have been having a massive binge watch haha!

So let me know down below any other trademark “lad” staples that you have noticed when you’re out in public! Also no offence was intended by this, it’s all for a laugh!

Unlucky in Life

You know when things are just awful and then it always gets worse? That is my day right now. I am writing to you all from the seat of my car out the front of a train station. I have a punctured tire that is as saggy as loose skin on a 130 year old person’s arm and I missed my train buy seconds – I was literally buying the ticket when it left early.

Crying Gif.gif

But these have not been my only misfortunes. So far this week I have:

  • Punctured my tire
  • Broke my rim through driving with said tire
  • Lost the hub cap to the tire
  • Missed the first class for my university course that I am three weeks behind in due to my transfer
  • Been turned down for a large number of jobs
  • Got so many spots that you could do a connect the dots on my face and you’d probably get the most amazing, detailed art piece ever


Not all things are bad I guess. I have food, water, a great internet connection, I’m healthy and the weather has been nicer. Sadly I’m in too much of a funk to acknowledge this (and the fact that I am sunburnt thanks to the sun #PaleLife).


I don’t really know the purpose of this post. A whinge maybe? Maybe it’s just my way of sharing what has happened so hopefully I can put it in perspective? It’s going that bad I feel as though I was probably a mosquito in my past life – nothing too bad but I still shared malaria around.


Don’t get me wrong, I know there are people with real problems out there. I’m just feeling sorry for myself and the fact that it is coming constantly is getting to me. If it had happened al lat once I’d probably be over it by now – it’s the fact it keeps coming like I’ve failed over whilst skiing and every time I go to stand back up another skier comes past and stabs me into the ground with their skiing stick. Just a side note: In case you could tell I have never been skiing before so please forgive the analogy!


Anyway! I’m sorry for the short, depressing update after the absence. Life’s been hectic but I truly am intending to come back and blog all the time now! I want to make something out of this blog with you guys as well! So tell me, how has your week been going?

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How to Make Friends!

Hello reader(s)! I’ve been very busy recently getting to my new life! I’ve moved out of home, to a whole new state and I know no one here. I clung to my mum until she drove away.

I’d been sitting in my room going stir crazy. If I had to watch one more talk show I would’ve lost it. This prompted me to do the unthinkable….I went outside.


I wandered the hallways aimlessly trying to find a person who didn’t look completely intimidating. I walked up and down stairs into an empty common room and then back down to the lobby. I checked the Facebook group that had all of the new students and I tried to see if there was anyone that I had stuff in common with. Long story short I came back to my room, too frightened to strike up a conversation and meet up with a stranger.


Not all of this experience was awkward, scary and sweaty! Whilst sitting in the lobby I came up with this list on how to make friends which is completely ironic considering I have 0 myself lol.

Follow a person you find interesting around until they acknowledge you

You see that person in the cool top? Follow them around. You see that person wandering around looking a bit lost? Follow them as well. Find a person that you think looks interesting enough and follow them. They’re bound to notice you eventually and when they do they’ll say something! This is the perfect option for people who don’t like to strike up the conversation themselves and would rather it be started by the other person. If you have been following the person around for a while and they haven’t noticed you yet try getting their attention by coughing a few times, squeaking and stamping your shoes and even squirting water or something on them. If you end up in the wrong class due to following them just play it cool, go along with it. At least you’ll have something to converse about right? Just make sure they acknowledge you after a while or else you will end up following them home and that could be creepy.


Pretend to Faint

Find a group of people. Walk up to them. Faint. Not really but pretend to. Talk about conversation starters, am I right? This is relies on the shock factor. You faint in front of this group of people and they all rush to help you. You get up after a minute or two and have a great conversation starter! “What happened?” “Oh you know I didn’t have breakfast so my sugar was low” “Oh my gosh here let me give you my go to breakfast recipe” and boom. Friends. For this one try to do it in a setting where there is a soft surface to fall onto because you don’t want real injuries.

Steve Carroll.gif

Take Up Voodoo

For this you’re going to have to become a collector and very observant. Find pieces of gum under desks, strands of hair on jumpers, empty cans etc. anything that you can get a piece of a person’s DNA from. If you have some hair make a voodoo doll. If you have gum, set a charm on it. Use all of this too make people become your friends. This is the perfect way to beat the awkward small talk and removes the fear of rejection as it is almost guaranteed that they like you (guaranteed if you do it right)!


Okay so I was just kidding with those ones. They are definitely not recommended at all! I thought of them after I made the real list (below) because I thought of extreme (very, very, very extreme) ways to make friends. I mean if the list below seems to fail then definitely feel free to pretend to faint. It has not been tried before but I’m pretty sure it will (not) work.


Join Relevant Groups and Pages

If you’re going to college/university, joining a club or even moving schools try and find Facebook pages that are run by groups within that school, club or uni. This is a great way to network and meet people early before the move. This is where a lot of places share events that are going on and if it’s at the start of the year or semester there will be orientation activities for you to undertake which will be great mingling opportunities! If you’re feeling nervous and lonely I can guarantee there is someone feeling just like you, if not worse. This can act as a reassurance to settle some of the nerves about moving to a place where you know someone or joining an activity where you know zero people.


This one can be a bit risky. Double check that the page is officially linked to the organisation and run by relevant people. If you add people from the page don’t meet up with them alone and don’t meet up in a secluded place. Don’t give out your address even if they’re in your building until you know them. These are all basic Tinder rules and involve common sense to be honest. Play it safe and you’ll be fine!

Join Clubs

This is literally just the real life version of the one above. Join clubs, societies, sports etc. that interest you! If you love dancing, join the dancing club! If you love playing board games join the board game club! No club for any activities that you like? Make one! This is my number one way to make friends as it is a tried and tested method (by yours truly). Except I made the mistake of joining a sport during its fitness training period so I am basically a sweaty mess every time I try to socialise but that’s okay because we all are! It is one of the easiest ways to meet people who have common interests with you (automatically giving you something to talk about so it’s not awkward like striking up a conversation) and by joining a team or a club you get to go to constant meet ups and social events which minimises the need to plan social outings (which can be hard to pencil in).


Sit Next to Another Loner

Much like yourself there are lonely people out there. There will most definitely be one in your class. Go in a little bit behind everyone else so you have no real choice but to sit next to someone. If you see someone in a sea of empty seats (like you would have been if you had gone in early) go sit with them! Strike up a conversation like “wow this room is big” or “I like your pencil case”. Then in the breaks you can discuss the class – a conversation starter. Learn the person’s name, a little bit about them and then agree to sit next to each other next time! If you’re too nervous to strike up a conversation give them a smile and try to stay off your phone. This way you’ll look friendly and approachable, by having your head in your phone people can often be deterred from talking to you because they feel like you’re busy or not interested in talking to them; so just unplug for a couple of minutes!


Old Fashioned Way

Here’s the one all of us socially awkward people are terrified about. Having to strike up a conversation with a……stranger. Here’s a little guide on how. Don’t be on your phone when walking to or waiting for your class. As mentioned above it can deter people from talking to you. Smile at people who look at you and try to hold the eye contact rather then instantly look away. If you feel confident enough give a wave. Talk to the people around you even if it’s just a little comment here or there and get chatting away. It will slowly become easier the more you talk and then when it’s time to actually go to class you just continue the conversation and end up sitting next to them, sneaky huh?

Well I wish you all the very best in your friendship endeavours! I hope these tips (the last 3!) help you out in some way and give you that little bit of help to make some friends! Good luck xx

What are your tips and tricks for making friends? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Did you know there was such a thing as “social interaction trainer”? Neither did I!

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